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The 5 A's of Achieving Wellness

Wellness like life is a journey, where there really is no beginning and no end. We are all on this path and sometimes it is smooth, other times bumpy, but always meandering and going somewhere. I have developed the 5 A's of Achieving Wellness to act as a map to keep us on course. Though a model for wellness and our health journey it can serve as a model for all that life throws at us. Feel free to pass along this infographic to anyone who could use a hand in finding their way.

1. Acknowledge- This journey takes work. Be honest with yourself, but not harsh. The first step of change is to make note of the way things are. Only when we acknowledge issues in our health can we stop pouting and start taking control. YOU do have control. No matter what the condition or illness, you can make positive changes. Think not about a cure but about the power you have to chart your own course.

2. Accept- Once we acknowledge the condition, we must accept what it is. Acceptance does not mean giving up or failure, but it means you can begin the process of healing. We must first know what we are up against and then must accept the condition. By no means does this mean giving up! No matter if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, you can make positive changes.

3. Ascend- Climb the mountain of change. It is tough and sometimes unrelenting, but just as there are treacherous ascents there are valleys to rest and replenish. Each step moves us closer to each other and healing.

4. Activate- Become passionate about the condition for which you have or the situation you find yourself in. Learn as much as you can in order to not only improve your condition as well as help others newly diagnosed. Find a partner in your healthcare journey and rise to the occasion.

5. Actualize- You made it to the top! I'm not talking about a cure or being free from disease, but about being successful in your own right. You didn't give up, you were a source of inspiration and you continue to shine bright for those around you. Of course there will be strife, despair and even tragedy. Resilience is the ability to bounce back after the tough times with lessons learned and a renewed strength to forge again.


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