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Organic Vegetables

Plant-Based Nutrition

The Alfa Doc believes in the healing and restorative power of plants and educates our patients on these principles using the wisdom of T. Colin Campbell, PhD.  Dr. Alfaro is a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Professional and a member of the Center for Nutrition Studies Medical Advisory Board. 

How do plants help your health? 

Improves the gut

Plants have amazing abilities to build, protect and regenerate a healthy gut microbiome. All plants have some amount of fiber to help with normal bowel movements. This decreases constipation, improves diarrhea and regenerates a protective mucus lining in the gut. 

Reverses Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver is the number one cause of liver transplats in our country right now. Eating plants over dairy and animal proteins decreases the fat that is stored in our liver and helps to eliminate harmful substances from our system. 

Helps with fat (weight) loss

Most of us are worried about our weight. We should be worried about our fat stores, not the weight itself. Eating a plant-based diet can really help to naturally reduce calories, yet make us satisfied and reduce our weight. 

Improves the immune system

The anti-oxidants in plants help us fight off infections and decrease autoimmune diseases. The nutrients in plants help to keep us healthy and vibrant.

Improves the mood

Plants naturally help with our mood to decrease depression and anxiety. High sugar diets increase our risk for mood disorders. 

Decreases cholesterol 

Plants have ZERO cholesterol and by eating more of them help us to decrease our own cholesterol. With less cholesterol and inflammation in our system our risk of heart attacks, strokes, and blocked blood vessels goes down.  

Reverses Type 2 Diabetes

Plant-based diets naturally have less fat and ultra-processed foods in them. This helps to reverse insulin resistance and improves the pancreas' ability to control blood sugars which can prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes. 

Improves skin integrity

Plants offer phytonutrients to decrease the aging process, which increase elasticity in the skin. Acne is also improved with a whole food plant-based diet.

Prevents cancer

Cancer is only an inherited disease in a few cases as the majority are caused by our lifestyle choices. Plants help to modify how our genes work (something called epigenetics) to decrease our risk of cancer. 

Helps the brain

A plant -based diet avoids the saturated fats and trans fats found in dairy products, meat, fried food and ultraprocessed food. Plants are rich with antioxidants, folate, vitamin E,  and phytonutrients that may help to prevent Alzheimer's disease. 

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