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Valdez Alaska


Integrative Family

Taking the lead to inspire a guiding approach to personalized health and wellness.

What We Do

A center of hope, healing and healthy well-being.

The Alfa Doc searches for the root cause of illness and whole person care. Much like the alpha dog leads the pack, The Alfa Doc is taking the lead to inspire a guiding approach to health and wellness for Valdez, Alaska. Not only do we tackle challenging medical conditions but we specialize in helping those seeking health to be their very best. The medical system is complex and The Alfa Doc wants to help you navigate the system and understand your condition. Conventional medicine does a great job managing acute conditions but seems to only handle symptoms of chronic disease without searching for the WHY. We should never stop searching for the WHY.

“The best doctors 
gives the least 

-Benjamin Franklin

Being your healthiest self should not be complicated. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a doctor to answer your healthcare questions and someone to partner with on your healthcare journey. There is no magic pill to wellness. Like success in life, wellness takes commitment and having someone lead the way can make that journey easier to navigate. 

Do you often still have questions after you leave the doctor’s office or feel like you had more questions after you got home? 

Do you feel like you have a doctor for every organ, but unlike your body the doctors are not communicating and you are left to the Internet for medical information? 

You should be in control of your health, your questions should be answered and you should expect someone to care about the whole you. The Alfa Doc can help to guide the way to wellness and chart a course for improved health.

Shop for Practitioner-Grade Supplements

The Alfa Doc offers a complete line of pharmaceutical grade supplements, which you can order online conveniently. To assist you in reaching long-term health, we recommend the best supplements and homeopathic remedies based on your needs and carry the products we suggest most often. If you do not see what you need here or in our office, let us know, and we will order it for you.

Alfa Doc - Alaska - Shop for Practitioner-Grade Supplements
The Alfa Doc- Valdez Alaska Family Medicine

How can we help?

Angela Alfaro MD has been practicing medicine since 2003. She is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physiciane that deeply cares about the root cause of illness and the whole person. The current state of healthcare has concerned her for many years and after much soul searching she opened The Alfa Doc in September 2019.

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