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The Alfa Doc | Leading the future of personalized medicine Angela Alfaro MD

Welcome to The Alfa Doc

The Alfa Doc searches for the root cause of illness and whole person care. Much like the alpha dog leads the pack, The Alfa Doc is taking the lead to inspire a guiding approach to health and wellness. Not only do we tackle challenging medical conditions but we specialize in helping those seeking health to be their very best. The medical system is complex and The Alfa Doc wants to help you navigate the system and understand your condition. Conventional medicine does a great job managing acute conditions but seems to only handle symptoms of chronic disease without searching for the WHY.  We should never stop searching for the WHY.


Leading the future of personalized medicine


Partnering with patients for improved health outcomes by personalizing the healthcare experience.


Angela Alfaro MD has been practicing medicine since 2003. She is a board certified family medicine physician and Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians that deeply cares about the root cause of illness and the whole person. The current state of healthcare has concerned her for many years and after much soul searching is excited to open The Alfa Doc LLC. 


There are so many questions people have about what to eat, how to exercise, what supplement to take, etc. and there is so much misinformation and scams out there. I hope this blog answers the question…What can I do to live well?


Like many of you I have struggled with finding my passion and purpose in life, you may think that is odd, considering I am a doctor, but it is very true.  We all struggle and have ups and downs but we all are working toward something. There are many sites on finding your passion and happiness and I will refer to those from time to time, this blog is not intended to replace those. 


How does it relate to wellness? Don’t you want to hear sound advice? In this case, it means excellent and free of moral defect. What is a sound, but an idea or an impression that can be heard, a way to convey or express an idea.


In partnership with the City of Valdez, Dr. Alfaro began a local Walk with a Doc chapter in Valdez Alaska in 2016. We are celebrating our first year in Valdez.



Many diseases come from lifestyle-related choices and I believe we all are responsible for our own health yet the system doesn’t make it easy.  I want to make it EASY, well easier. Keep an eye on this page for healthy resources (coming soon).


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