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Laser Genesis

Beautify Your Skin Naturally

Why Laser Genesis?

  • Minimal to no downtime.

  • No discomfort.

  • Improvement in redness, pore size and texture over time.

  • Great for treating active acne breakouts.

  • Softer, smoother skin in the treatment area.

  • Safe, quick and effective.

What Should I Expect During Treatments?

  • You will feel a gradual warming of your skin as the laser delivers heat to your upper dermis. Patients describe the treatment as being relaxing and feeling like warm rain. Laser Genesis does not require pain relief.

What Happens After Treatment & What is Aftercare?

  • Mild redness or skin irritation may be experienced after a Genesis procedure, but this will fade over the first hour.  No downtime is required after a Laser Genesis treatment; patients are able to immediately return to work or school.  There are also no restrictions on exercise or strenuous activities, as with many other treatments; these can be resumed right away.

  • Generally, patients will require between four and six treatments, spaced about a month apart, for optimal results.

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