The Alfa Doc Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personalized Integrative and Functional medicine?

This is a mouthful, but once you understand it, you’ll come to love it.

Personalized Medicine: The patient is at the center of care that is driven by looking at the underlying biology and mechanisms of wellness and disease including patient input, social networking and digital technologies. See more information on my blog post here.

Integrative Medicine: This is the practice of medicine that is based on healing and a strong physician-patient relationship. It takes into account multiple modalities of therapy with the goal to create health within a complex system by combining conventional care and alternative methods.

Principles of Integrative Medicine include:
-Changing the focus in medicine to one of health and healing rather than curing of disease.

-Strong emphasis on the partnership between the physician and the patient.

-Removing barriers to care to help activate the body’s ability to heal.

-Using less invasive and more natural methods when possible, but using conventional methods when necessary.

-Backed by thousands of years and multiple cultures around the world as well as strong scientific study.

-Incorporates the mind-body-spirit and community to help healing.

Functional Medicine: Functional medicine addresses the underlying cause of illness and dysfunction in hopes to prevent disease. It addresses the whole person, not isolated symptoms as well as the environment in which we live and our current lifestyle habits. Functional medicine practitioners seek out the root cause of illness and this can take time to figure out, so appointments are longer and interviews are more in depth.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call 907-835-ALFA (2532) or email us and we will contact you directly.

Once you are a registered patient, appointments can be made via our online portal.

Remember The Alfa Doc is not a walk-in clinic, but same day appointments will be available.

Why should I become a patient of The Alfa Doc?

Many people are concerned about their health but not ready to make a commitment to healing. Have you decided to put yourself first? Good health is a process and not a prescription. By working with us you are committing to putting in the time to heal. We will ask hard questions and work to keep you accountable. The process of healing must come from within, so be prepared to do your homework, learn as much as you can, change some habits and have an open mind. The Alfa Doc is different than other clinics and will require investment on your part. If you simply want to refill your current prescriptions and not challenge yourself with a new way of thinking, this is not the right place for you. But, if you are ready for a whole new approach to health care then this is the right place for you. Call 907-835-ALFA or email us at to request appointments.

Do you take insurance?

Currently, we take Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, TricareWest, Meritain and Valdez Native Tribe. We are working on credentialling with other insurance companies so check back often for updates. Feel free to email us and we will contact you once we know more about your particular insurance company.

If you do not have insurance you can still partner with our office, you are in control of your health and the doctor-patient relationship is robust with more patient care time and less administrative burden.

Due to regulatory issues at this time we cannot accept Medicaid.

What if I need a specialist?

We can refer to specialists as needed but may often educate you about your condition to avoid unneccesary specialty referral.

What if I need to go to the emergency room?

If you have a true emergency, you must still go to the emergency room and the providers there will care for you as always.

Do you work with small businesses?

We would love to partner with small businesses, so feel free to contact us to find out how we can work together.

What are the office hours?

Remember we are open by appointment only. The online portal will be a way to always have your medical records at your fingertips, schedule appointments and communicate with our office.

Typical hours:
Monday: 10am to 6pm, closed from 12:30 to 2pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wedesday: 10am to 7pm, closed from 2:00 to 3:00pm

Thursday: 10am to 6pm, closed from 2:00 to 3:00pm

Friday: 10am to 6pm, closed from 2:00 to 3:00pm